We represent clients throughout Georgia and beyond who have suffered catastrophic injury or death. Explore our practice area pages to learn more about our experience, and how we handle our clients’ cases:

Medical Negligence

Medical-NegligenceGeorgia law requires that a healthcare provider, including doctors, nurses, and others, exercise a reasonable degree of care and skill in the treatment of a patient. Unfortunately, there are instances in which healthcare providers fail to exercise the appropriate degree of care and skill which can have disastrous consequences for the patient and his or her family. Depending upon where the negligence occurred, a hospital, doctor’s office or other healthcare facility may also be liable for the actions of the doctor, nurse, or other healthcare provider, or even its own negligence.


Catastrophic Personal Injury

Personal-InjuryBergen and Bergen, P.C., primarily focuses on catastrophic personal injuries.  The law firm represents individuals and families who have been hurt or suffered property damages through the negligence of others.

Often, these cases have extraordinary or unimaginable aspects to them.  The claims the firm handles may include permanent disfigurement or disability, loss of life, or exorbitant property values.


Wrongful Death

Wrongful-DeathBergen and Bergen, P.C., represent the victims of wrongful death in Georgia.  Wrongful death claims are a unique subset of personal injury law, because the injury the firm asserts on behalf of the client is the loss of the contributions of the person who was killed.  Wrongful death claims do not seek to evaluate death or an individual’s life as a whole—there is no character trial in a wrongful death case.  The case aims to provide recompense for the people who lost the benefits of a loved one because of the negligence of another party.  The value of the life in a wrongful death claim is the true value of the life to the person bringing the claim.  The victims who have standing to bring a wrongful death case in Georgia must be married, related, or legally tied to the deceased.



Trucking and Auto Accidents

Trucking-and-Auto-AccidentsIf you or someone know you has been injured in an automobile or truck accident, it is important to contact an attorney as quickly as possible to preserve important evidence. Bergen & Bergen, P.C. has successfully handled many automobile and trucking accidents over the past decades, and has the resources and skills to you. Please call us at (912) 233-6600 for a free consultation.


Brain and Birth Injuries

Brain-and-Birth-InjuriesBergen and Bergen, P.C., represents clients and their families who are the victims of brain injuries acquired through trauma or malpractice at birth.  Some of the ways victims acquire brain injuries may be blatant, but because the effects can be subtle at first—or because the victim is incapacitated to the point that he or she is not cognizant of the injury—showing causation requires a dedicated legal and medical team.


Products Liability

Products-LiabilityManufacturers, distributors, suppliers, and retailers can be held liable when their products cause harm or death to an individual. These products can include vehicles, medications, health devices, machines, electronics, and even basic items of daily living. 


Worker's Compensation

Workers'-CompensationBergen and Bergen, P.C., represents people who are injured in the workplace and require assistance with a workers’ compensation claim against an employer or insurer.  The law firm can begin representation at any stage of a claim—the right time to involve an attorney is whenever an employer or an insurer presents a problem that violates a worker’s legal rights.